Welcome to Your Path of Deliberate Creation

You have the power within you to deliberately create your life;  to RAISE your vibrational frequency and ALIGN with your dreams and desires. Now is the time to create positive and lasting changes through conscious creation.


I offer the processes and teachings that have changed my life and helped me to align with my desires. I stand beside you as a supportive advocate while you navigate your journey through deliberate creation.


Fully-certified since 2015, I have been successfully guiding clients and facilitating their journey of aligning their vibration and attracting their desires. If you are ready to create the life you dream of my services aim to introduce clarity, self-motivation and well-being. I also teach techniques to reduce stress and better navigate the challenges of everyday life.



Alignment Coaching, Reiki, Yoga Nidra and Sound Journeys. Each modality is designed to support you on your path of becoming the deliberate creator of your life and aligning your vibration and frequency with your dreams and desires. 



Join Meditation with Melinda, an online community group where I hold donation based virtual Yoga Nidra offerings.



High vibe meditations that pair positive affirmations with theta binaural beats to create a hypnotic experience designed to calm and relax your nervous system while simultaneously uplifting and elevating your thoughts, mood and vibration. 

Theta Thoughts Meditation

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