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Say YES to Life

Updated: May 9

Spread your arms wide

Open your heart to the sky 

Turn your face to the sun and 

Say Yes 

Say yes to the present moment

Say yes to today 

Say yes to this week

Say yes to new opportunities 

Say yes to the unknown 

Say yes to prosperity 

Say yes to abundance 

Say yes to love 

Say yes to joy

Say yes to being your badass self 

You are a Divine creature of God

You are love and light

You are all that you’ve been seeking for

You are magnificent

Say yes to yourself 

Say yes to life

Swinging Chair

I was first introduced to swinging chair pose by one of my Kundalini teachers, Karen. She is known for using this pose in her classes as a warm-up before the kriya. I love it because it combines movement, breath and imagery- I’m a visual person and I greatly enjoy the visual components of Kundalini yoga, especially in relation to the Law of Attraction. 

In this pose you are saying yes to all of the wonderful and amazing things that you want to bring forth and attract into four life, while simultaneously getting rid of the garbage and gunk that is no longer serving you, perhaps even weighing you down. 

To begin

Start standing with your feet hip width distance apart, arms resting by the sides of the body. Close your eyes and begin to bring your awareness into your body. Come into your body.  Feel where your feet meet the earth beneath you.  Notice your breath as it moves in and out of your body. 

Now I invite you to think of something in your life that is no longer serving you- maybe it’s a thought, a behavior or a pattern, maybe it’s a past event that happened or a heavy feeling or emotion you’ve been carrying around that you’re ready to get rid of. It can be more than one thing but try to find at least one thing you’re willing to get rid of. Note, you don’t have to be ready, just willing. You can also set the intention here to release all things known and unknown that are standing in the way of your desires and/ or preventing you from living your optimal life. 

Once you have that which you wish to release. Take a moment to call forth that which you wish to call in. What are you ready to invite into your life? Abundancy, prosperity, love, a romantic partner, courage, patience, money, joy, freedom, travel…. etc, etc, etc.  Now you are ready to begin.

As you exhale, bend your knees so that your hips come in line with your knees. It is as though you are sitting in an imaginary chair. And simultaneously sweep your arms down and back so that your fingertips point behind you. Visualize that which you are releasing and letting go of. 

Inhale, legs straighten as you come into standing and arms simultaneously sweep up, biceps by the ears, slight backbend and opening of the heart as you say “Yes” to all that you are inviting in and calling forth into your life. I invite you to call out the things you’re inviting in, for example “Yes to abundance” “Yes to love” “Yes to financial freedom” and so on. In doing so you are placing your order with the Universe. You are clearly stating, “Yes, I want this. Bring this to me. I am ready.” 

Do this exercise for 1-3 minutes. 

When you're ready to finish, inhale and reach up towards the sky, opening up the heart. Hold the inhale, close the eyes and then as you exhale slowly lower your hands down by the sides of your body. And feel the energy within and around you. Feel the energy you created in your body and your energetic field. Pause and rest here for a minute before softly fluttering your eyes to open. 

You can do this exercise every morning as a part of your morning routine or anytime you are feeling low, down, need an energy or mood boost. 

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