I absolutely loved my session with Melinda! She was so in tuned, patient and is a master at her evolving craft. She truly cares about her work as a healer and honors her role. She makes you feel safe and content.

Amber Girard | Encinitas, CA

My healing session with Melinda was AWESOME. As my first Reiki session, it was even better than I could have expected. Melinda was so informative and made sure to provide a calm and relaxing environment for the session. Days later I am still feeling energized yet relaxed. Grateful for the experience!

Jessica Bombar | Encinitas, CA

I was blessed to have a cord cutting ceremony recently with Melinda,  I have done these kind of ceremonies before but nothing really compared to all the levels of healing Melinda puts into her healing. It was so beautiful and I felt an instant shift, I felt much clearer and lighter.  I had had an achy shoulder for months after a traumatic period in my life and when Melinda mentioned removing anchors I worked with her guidance on that area and afterwards the ache was completely gone.  I've only had such a significant change a few times in my life so this was pretty amazing to feel such an instant relief.  Funnily enough the person I was cutting cords with called and wanted to speak actually during the ceremony, a sure sign it's working as Melinda said.   I'm so grateful and will take what she taught me into my own practise.  I loved it!  Wish I could have a session every day.  Thank you so much!

Ella Annaheim | London

I have been a regular client of Melinda for many years, she is insanely talented as a coach, yoga nidra practitioner as well and an amazing asana teacher. She harmonically plays the crystal bowls and her energy is beautiful and infectious. I have done many one on one sessions, taken classes and attended quite a few fantastic workshops in which Melinda led or playing in part of. If you have a chance to see Melinda- do it! You won’t regret seeing her!

Natane Wogsberg | Dana Point, CA

I was lucky enough to participate in a cord cutting ceremony with Melinda.  She masterfully created a virtual sacred space for me to do my deep work.  She helped me to understand that cutting the cords does not necessarily mean cutting someone out of your life, but removing the unhealthy attachments that grow in our relationships.  She gave me time to do the work on and for myself.  Melinda is very knowledgeable in the mysteries of inhabiting our human bodies. Thank you for your caring guidance.

Tamara Stone | Vashon Island, WA

Melinda has a true gift of healing and is an EXCELLENT yoga instructor. Always has a sense of what my body needs without me telling her. I had my first reiki session with her and I literally "went away" for an hour. My whole session with her was amazing start to finish She is punctual. Her heart is open. She is intuitive.

I highly recommend Melinda!

Renee Roberts | Cardiff, CA

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